The Program

                                                                                             Working to Educate Youth World Wide!

Our Goal

Help the Youth of Today THRIVE in a Mental Health Aware World Tomorrow!

Here's what our program offers:

Online Connection at Your Convenience

We will do all we can to make the session fit within your schedule, and doing this online gives us this opportunity!

Shaping our Future

The chance for cross-cultural understanding is one of the finest aspects of our program. Our program allows for the youth of today to make an impact tomorrow.

Access mental health support for

As a volunteer initiative, our services are free of charge to all organizations.

Custom Workshops

The workshop plan will be tailored toward your desires needs, and necessities.

Who is Eligible?

TherapyBud has Three main criteria for Workshops:

The majority of the people attending the Workshops should be Under 18.

Unfortunately, in our current stage, The THRIVE Initiative can only host workshops in English.

We ask that you commit to spending 1-2 hours for the session with The THRIVE Initiative for most benefit from the Workshop.

What Does the TherapyBud
Journey Look Like?


We distribute a questionnaire a few days before the lesson. This is to tailor our lesson to any knowledge gaps among students; if they are already informed on some particular topic, we do not want to waste their time and yours by covering it in detail.


Lessons are tailored to schools’ educational goals. If you would like us to focus on anything in particular or to avoid any more sensitive content, we’ll work with you to adjust the curriculum to fit your goals. Additionally, if you would like us to host the lesson in any particular setting, or you’d like a longer or shorter talk, we are happy to work with you to make that happen.

We Have Our Workshop

We get to connect on your preferred platform, we support almost every platform from Zoom to WhatsApp!

Post-Session Questionnaires

We will distribute a post-session questionnaire. This is for evaluation of our program.

Contact Us!

The THRIVE Initiative is committed to inclusivity and aims to assist individuals with disabilities to receive the support they need. Therefore, if you require additional support or specific conditions please let us know.

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