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International Psychiatry Olympiad

Every year, the International Psychiatry Olympiad (IPO) hosts two competitions (one for middle school and another for high school students) for students to compete and challenge themselves, delving deeper into the intricacies of mental health conditions and exploring ways to support those affected.



Through the IPO we hope to raise awareness for mental health disorders, and how to support people who are struggling with them.


We would like to inspire youth to pursue a career in psychiatry and help people with mental health disorders.


The winner of the high school level IPO will get a 100% free of charge psychiatry internship at [company], with whom we have partnered, and the middle school level IPO winner will get a 100% free


We encourage curiosity, and presenting a fervor to learn to promote a student's career in science.

How to Prepare?

We Provide you with the resources to succeed!

The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) can seem intimidating with its 900+ pages, but with our sample practice questions we include all the topics that will be covered on the test, and the chapter of the DSM-5 the questions comes from, so only have to memorize select parts of the book.

These practice questions are made as short-form multiple choice questions, where you can learn the facts needed for the exam. You will find from what chapter each question comes from, so you can reread the chapters you struggle with most.

We have created 3 practice tests which follow the format of the real examination including the questions, structure, and timing.

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